Let me ask you a question. Do you feel confident when you jump on the phone and start dialing the number of the lead that you just received that you have a good chance of actually recruiting that person into your opportunity?

If you even hesitated for a minute about your answer then you need to do something about your recruiting skills. Notice I do not say marketing skills because they are two very different beasts.

It is all very well to get leads coming into your business everyday but if they buy nothing from you and don’t join your primary opportunity then you are worse off than you would be if you never had the lead to begin with.

So what do you do about this problem, well you learn to communicate and Black Belt Recruiting teaches you that skill very well.

Communication is the essential step that many marketers miss and it really is the difference between failure and success.

Sure there are a few very talented people out there who don’t ever get on the phone to prospects but sadly the majority of people will find they have to talk personally to a person before that person buys from them.

The idea is to focus on attraction marketing, get the prospect wanting to join you even before they know what your primary company is. It is certainly not a hard sell in any way and you learn to qualify prospects which saves you a great deal of time as you weed out tire kickers and time wasters.

You can break down the method into 5 parts…

  1. Having people invite you to call them to discuss what you have to offer.
  2. Learning to listen to people, recognize their buttons and what will make them most responsive to your opportunity.
  3. Making the prospect want to buy into the system rather than selling to them.
  4. Making yourself indispensable to the prospect so that they WANT to work with you.
  5. Defeating the negatives, if you have a positive response to every question they ask then you will sell the idea automatically.

The system will show you how to avoid the common mistakes people make when calling, leaving voicemail, sending email and so on. And it will also teach you how best to use your website/ blog to attract people to you.

All in all Black Belt Recruiting is an extremely useful tool, if you want to learn more about it and other marketing skills you need then visit Helping You Help Yourself. We also are giving away a 9 part series teaching you to market your business online which you get by going to onlinetraining4success

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